Original photography


                              The original photographer not only need to have a unique vision view perfect, is more a hundred-percent chefs, python, wobble plate, structure diagram, proficient in everything, but requires close coordination designers thinking make product ideas, good effort often popular saying "can only play slip phase machine photographer not mixed, have get along well with the kitchen!

                              原創攝影師不僅需要有完美的視覺獨特觀點, 更是一個不折不扣的大廚,微雕,擺盤,構 圖,樣樣精通,更需要密切配合設計師的思 路做出產品的創意,好功夫往往流行一句話 “只能玩溜相機的攝影師不好混,還得玩轉 廚房!