Original fonts


                              The original font, is a compulsory course for each designer, the original font is a kind of specific performance, the esthetic first, strategy Slightly ahead, has always been a good design philosophy of Kung Fu; font copyright infringement is top priority designer must avoid, book Method the font master, known as "the word control large coffee", often to a favorite of the product name to work overtime to creation, who call He is a "word control large coffee".

                              原創字體,是每個設計師的必修課,原創字 體更是美學的一種具體表現,美學至上,策 略先行,一直是好功夫的設計理念;字體版 權侵權更是設計師首要避免的頭等大事,書 法字體大師,號稱“字控大咖”,經常會為 了一個心儀的品名字加班加點去創作,誰叫 他是“字控大咖”呢。